Current trends in cooking, both professional and domestic, as well as a wide olive oil variety and its propierties, is promoting the use of specific olive oils for each case, in a similar way you choose a specific wine for a specific food.

Extra virgin olive oil is used mostly "raw" preserving all his sensory characteristics from the squeezed fruit. Also it's use is recommended for different cooking techniques.

Possible uses of virgin olive oil are:
鈥 Raw: season, marinate, preseve and emulsify
鈥 Cooked: saut茅, braise, confit, pickle, roast and fry

A good chef inmediatly discovers color and scent of a great olive oil, and knows how to appreciate nuances that define it, as a previous step to penetrate in the secrets of what constitutes an exciting gastronomic exercise: the only way to achieve the best and most appropiate culinary application for his possibilities.

In this field, as in any other palate related topic, there are no fixed rules, but guidelines learned from experience wich every chef elevates to the rank of their own discipline.

Experience and ancestral wisdom in how to use olive oil, explains the wide variety in Mediterranean cuisine, where possibilities to play with different olive oil flavors are endless.

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