Early harvesting

Early manual harvesting during the first days of the harvest, before the green fruit has fully ripened.
It is harvested before the fruit is affected by frost, thus guaranteeing no loss of juice quality and preventing the fruit from coming into contact with the ground, preventing the acidity from increasing.
We take the product to the oil mill as soon as possible, so the fruit does not lose its properties.

Optimum ripeness

The product is re-selected before being washed and milled.
The olives are pressed as soon as they arrive at the mill, they are not stored, thus preventing them from losing their properties.
Extraction of the first cold pressing, a process that guarantees that all the flavour and all its nuances are preserved.
As the fruit is picked at its optimum state of ripeness, it has not started the oxidation process and, therefore, has more polyphenols (natural antioxidants), which are one of the main reasons why extra virgin olive oil is the most recommended added fat for the nutrition of all organisms.

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